To Do Something Big Think Small

If your Evil Plan to Take Over the World keeps falling flat because you just can't muster the follow-through there's some good news - scale back (and I mean way, way back) and you might just succeed.

Warren Berger notes on the Fast Company blog that asking yourself "what one small change can I make?" can often be the trigger to big success. 

One of the biggest challenges of the small-change approach is that it can be hard for some people--especially ambitious, driven people--to scale back their goals. Take Caroline Arnold’s “walk to work on Mondays” example: Many achievers would tend to say, If I’m going to do this, why not just resolve to walk to work every day? But that greatly increases the chances you’ll fail to meet this higher standard and then give up on the whole thing, 

To turbocharge this process of thinking small, read this article by habit-guru Charles Duhigg about using "keystone habits" to transform your life